2012 Trading Profits

December 15, 2012

I kept my trading capital at  GBP 50,000 in 2012,
withdrawing my profits each quarter

Q1 2012 Q2 2012 Q3 2012 Q4 2012
TRADING INCOME 22, 186 26,604 21,095 20,008
ISP 45 45 45 45
ARBITRAGE SERVICES 397 397 397 397
TRANSACTION FEES 155 184 78 199
BONUSES 850 700 1050 350
NET PROFIT 22,386 26,726 21,692 19,666
HOURS WORKED 349 366 353 332
EFFECTIVE HOURLY WAGE 63.57 72.69 59.76 60.27
NUMBER OF ARBS 645 661 642 634
AVERAGE PERCENTAGE 3.88 4.41 3.65 3.65
ROI FOR QUARTER 44.37 53.21 42.19 40.02
ROI FOR MONTH 14.79 17.74 14.06 13.34
ARBS FOUND MYSELF 9031 12443 9655 10440
SPORTS ARBITRAGE WORLD 13155 14161 11440 9568

12 Responses to “2012 Trading Profits”

  1. Haggers Says:

    Very impressive Alan – I’m amazed at the consistency you’ve achieved in earnings over the past few years. Biggest statistic for me is the average earnings per hour – really demonstrates that it is hard work and you can’t earn £000s from doing sod all!

    I shall be perusing the rest of your web page with interest. As a bit of a statistics geek, the world of sports arbitrage intrigues me.


  2. Michael M Says:

    Holy cow Alan ,these figures are very inspiring .Well done on your efforts . Michael

  3. Zac Says:

    Hi Alan,

    How long do you spend a day arbing and how much money do you generally put into 1 arg?
    These figures are very impressive and i am looking to starting this part time.


  4. dan Says:

    Hi Alan,

    I wrote a while back. I have since purchased a years membership to traderzone and have been slowly increasing my betting, up to now around £1200 per day. With only £5k (now £6k) capital sometimes this is due to funds being tied up in other bookies etc, which is fine and will change as my bankroll increases, however the main reason is often betting limits. I see your average stake is around £800 but mine is more like £200 due to these limits.

    Also on a similar note, because the maximum bet isn’t often advertised and varies between bookies and markets, I find myself erring on the side of caution, betting say £100 on each site, and if it goes through trying to bet a further £100 as I had an incident where I bet high on one website and found myself restricted on the counter-bet. This can often lead to precious time being lost.

    Could you offer me some advice on how to get over these two hurdles please?

    • Dear Dan,

      Thanks very much for writing.

      Your limits are probably due to the selection of bookmakers you’ve made. Extend the range and you should find it changes. I suspect that you’re also placing the majority of your bets on 2-way trades. If you place 3-way trades, your stakes will increase as a result of the extra bet that needs to be placed.

      All the best.

      Alan Seymour

  5. Dave Lowe Says:

    HI Alan, great to see such a well kept set of records….thanks for the hard work you have put into this. Have not bought the software as I dont think I have the time or the capital to make this a full time job just yet…….but here’s hoping
    Dave Lowe

    • Dear Dave,

      Thanks very much for writing.

      There’s no need to commit to trading full-time. Once you know what you’re doing, it’s something which need only take up a couple of hours each day, perhaps an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening.

      All the best.

      Alan Seymour

  6. stanley Says:

    Hi Alan, i read too many comment of how bookies short down peoples account using software and arbitrage betting and you have being on this business since 12 years you didnt have any such experience from any bookies?

    secondly i intend to use rebel betting and they use for my arb betting is it advisable?

    thirdly, on your withdrawal record i find out that you cash out quarterly is it advisable to be withdrawing my profits every time i won a bet and be storing it on a different account while maintaining the capital?

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