Once you have set yourself up for sports arbitrage, you will be able to

  • Supplement your income by acting on a part time basis
  • Generate your main income from home by acting on a full-time basis
  • Generate a regular, tax-free, income for your pension plan
  • Make your savings earn far more than is possible with a bank accountSo there are some good reasons to get started!


You will need at least a medium specification PC, preferably with CD read/write capabilities or some other media for backups. A printer can be useful and a broadband connection to the internet is essential.

To start with, you may be able to use a dial-up connection, however, once you begin to get more involved, you will almost certainly need broadband connection. This makes it much quicker to access bookies sites and therefore gives you a better chance of placing your bets before the odds change.

It’s worth having a reference book. There are quite a few of these that have come on to the market since the one I first purchased and most tend to be the pretty much the same. Unfortunately, many of the books on sale do not contain any more useful information than is available on this website for free. I think that you will find my journals provide the most complete information although, of course, I may be biased 🙂

However, if you would like to own a hard copy reference book on sports-arbitrage, there is none more comprehensive than the excellent
‘Sports Arbitrage – How To place Riskless bets & Create Tax-Free Investments’ which is available from Amazon & other book stores.

Now would also be a good time to begin the slightly daunting task of setting up all of your bookmaker accounts. There are absolutely hundreds of bookmakers on the web, so you need to exercise some discretion and probably end up with a list of 30 to 50 accounts. I could put up a list of bookmakers here but the fact is, this topic is well covered on many other sites.

I recommend Bookmaker Reviews for an online list of bookmakers


I can’t emphasise enough the importance of being properly organised. You will find yourself involved in more transactions that you would ever imagine – credits and debits on your bank account, credit card accounts and bookmaker accounts. I recommend that you open a new bank account and a couple of credit card accounts specifically for your betting and do not allow any other domestic entries on them. This is, after all, a business and having the week’s grocery bill on your statements simply adds to the amount of work you will have to do to reconcile your accounts. Best to keep it all separate if possible.

_Download MS Money_

You will need to keep a record of all of the transactions. You shouldn’t rely just on your bank and card statements and you definitely should not rely upon the bookmakers to tell you what you have done and what money you have coming in and going out. I started out using a simple spreadsheet to log all of my activity but this became unworkable after a while. Now I use a dedicated accounts program called Microsoft Money but I believe that you could use any other one with similar results.

Finding Arbs

This is the fun bit…or not!

When I first started out, I was left pretty much to my own devices as far as finding arbs was concerned. However, the company who sold me the first book, Streetwise, then offered me a service where they would find the arbs and email them to me, leaving me to just place the bets and count the profits. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not quite the bliss that it may sound like but the review section of this site contains the details of my adventures with this and other services so I won’t repeat it all here.

However, my advice, is that you do not splash out on any of the services immediately. If you can get a free trial, then by all means, take advantage. But to begin with, you will be better off spending some time familiarising yourself with the bookmakers’ sites and the sports and events that usually throw up arbs. At the end of the day, part of the reason you’re doing this is to generate some independent income – and relying on an arb service from the very start will make it hard for you ever to go it alone.

The sports arbitrage service that I use may be found here. If you use my link then I’ll receive a small commission from them, although that’s not why I use and recommend them. It’s been a long process of trial and error to find the right service.

Let me know if you decide to subscribe to them using my link and I’ll send you the videos (or some other advanced lessons if you already have the videos).

It’s well worth visiting the various discussion sites about sports arbitrage which have sprung up over recent times. I personally find them good to read but I don’t get involved in discussions as they often have a tendency to get nasty.

One of the first things you will notice as you scan the various forums is that there is a lot of negativity – much more so than on forums about other subjects. The reason for this is that, ultimately, every trader is in competition with every other trader. Some of the older hands in the game deliberately post disinformation on boards in order to put to entrants off. Others take every opportunity to criticise the various arb services and warn people off even though they may secretly use the same services themselves. Basically, anyone who speaks positively about a service will be called a “shill” or have their credibility doubted in some way because existing traders have a vested interest in reducing the number of people that start trading as novices. This is what has happened to me because of my website.

I happen to disagree with the “received wisdom” that showing people the realities of trading, good and bad, goes against traders’ interests. I know from first-hand experience that it takes more than just money and a little information to make a success of arbitrage trading. There is so much to learn that can only be gathered from experience and it takes some real commitment and perseverance to get to the other side where it all starts to seem easy. A good service can be of enormous benefit because you get to see for yourself where and when arbs appear.

Some forums are better than others, but all offer something. The mixed signals on the chat forums seem to be to be a combination of deliberate attempts by some traders to put new entrants off and complaints by naive novices who were expecting an easy ride with money for nothing, so remember to try to read between the lines.

The Basics

Here’s a brief explanation of how to go about calculating arbitrage and placing profitable bets.

First off, I recommend that you get used to the European style of quoting odds, rather than the UK style of 2/1, 10/3 etc. It becomes a bit easier to compare them, and it’s probably the most-commonly supported method at international bookie sites.

In Europe, the odds are expressed as a single figure representing how much you get back (including your stake) for every £1 stake. So 5/1 would be expressed as 6.0, 3/2 as 2.5, 1/4 as 1.25 etc

Ok, the best way to explain this is to use an example.

These are odds on who will win Group 9 of Football’s Euro 2004 qualifiers. At the time of writing, these odds were:

Italy: 2.25 (5/4) (William Hill & Intertops)
Wales: 4.00 (61/20) (Nordic Bet)
Yugoslavia: 4.50 (7/2) (William Hill)
Finland: 100.00 (99/1) (Nordic Bet)
Azerbaijan: 5000.00 (4999/1)(Nordic Bet)

You can see that bookie Nordic Bet tends to rate Italy and Yugoslavia’s chances higher than most bookies do, and so is giving more generous odds on the remaining teams.

Using rounded-up numbers, if you placed bets on these teams of £480, £270, £240, £11 and £0.25 respectively you would be guaranteed to get £1080 back whoever won the group for a total outlay of £1000. In other words, 7% risk-free and tax-free

Potential problems


This event is quite long-term (settling months from the time of this writing). Although one could argue that the return is far better than the rate of interest your money may earn elsewhere, the fact is that if you concentrated on events which settle sooner, you will be able to turn your money over several times in the same period. This turnover equates to profit so think carefully before investing in long-term arbs.

Odds Changing

This is the classic problem for all of us. Prices change and can sometimes leave us hanging. This is especially true when arbs are published by one of the services so you really must work hard to become truly efficient with your time when betting.

As well as being properly organised – bookmaker accounts open (& funded, if possible), website addresses set up in your Favourites folder, spreadsheets and accounting software at hand – a good way to minimise the chances of losing out when a price changes is to place the bets in the right order. All things remaining equal, it’s best to start with the favourite and work down. The reason is that if the odds change on the favourites, it makes a bigger difference to how much total stake you need (and whether the arb is still viable) than if the odds change on one of the outsiders. For example, if the odds on Italy drop from 2.25 to 2, you need to place an extra £30 on them AND the overall return drops from 7% to 2%. The odds on Azerbaijan could make a huge drop from 5000 to 1000, and it only makes £4 difference.

The other thing to take into account is the ‘next best bet’ on each outcome. If (before you can place your bet) William Hill stops offering 2.25 on Italy, you have Intertops as a fallback. And if they change their odds too, there are other bookies offering 2.20. Now look at Wales; if you can’t get that bet on at 4 with Nordic Bet, the next best is 3.4. That brings the return down to 3%. So in this case, you’d be better off placing the Wales bet first. This might seem very complicated, but with a bit of practice you’ll be able to spot the right order.

Transaction fees

Nordic Bet charges 2.75% on credit card deposits. This seems to be the only practical deposit method for UK customers, and this would add £36 to your total stake. With bookies that don’t deal in pounds sterling you might have currency conversion costs too, though Neteller is often a great way to fund dollar-based accounts. If you’re using a betting exchange, remember to take account of the commission they subtract from your winnings and adjust your stakes accordingly.

One important thing to grasp, though, is that if you are placing lots of arbs each month, you may only need to fund your account once. If some of your bets win, you will effectively have some “free” money to place more bets with. So try not to get too hung up about the fees as they will take your eye of the long-term earnings.

Stake Limits

Bookies set different maximum amounts that you can place on any single bet. Most are quite high, but make sure that your bet limit is going to be high enough at each one before starting to place your ‘arb’ bets. Again, it helps to start with the favourite as that’s where you’ll be betting the largest amount.

There are other small issues which crop up from time to time and you’ll be able to read all about the ones I have suffered from over the last 2 years in my journal. But, to be honest, I look at the problems as a good thing because they prevent many people from joining in. If it was totally hassle-free, there would be too many people doing it and the opportunities would dry up!

Bookmaker Responses

Bookmakers as a group don’t seem to like arbitrage traders very much. I found this out quite early on as I started finding that my staking limits were being agressively cut after about 4 months of serious trading.

My solution was to set up entirely new accounts in the name of my son-in-law – different name, different address. I don’t use my own accounts at all now, one advantage being that I can put my name on my website without fearing a reprisal. But the best thing to do is to try to avoid your accounts being limited in the first place, especially if you do not have a friendly relative or a trusting friend to lend you their name!

Among the most important points to remember are:

– don’t bet maximum stakes – try to stick to around 75% or less of the maximum
– always bet round numbers – never pennies. Round up the nearest £5 whenever possible
– don’t go back to a bookmaker for more of the same bet. Bet once and move on.
– don’t place 2 bets at the same bookmaker – for example in a football arb, don’t bet the draw and one team at the same bookmaker.
– try not to withdraw all of your funds in one go and certainly don’t withdraw after every bet.

The thing to remember, though, is that even with all of these precautions, there are some bookmakers who will still limit you. The ones that seem particularly bad are bet and win, easybets, playit and skybet.

58 Responses to “Getting Started”

  1. Joe O'Driscoll Says:


    Thankyou for your very honest approach to explaining pro’s and con’s of sport arbitrage. I first got involved when i purchased a package telling me i could up to 5k per month and yes i was one of those who thought it would be an easy ride.

    The company are sports arbitrage sniper or agora lifestyles ltd, do you have any opinions or knowledge of them?

    I have been on various forums today and this seems to be the first honest one to the point where i now realise if i want to make money out of this i will have to graft and learn the trade.

    If at all possible, could you recommend an arbitrage software? though i do intend on socuring bookies myself this may be quicker in terms of retrieving odds and arbs.


  2. Alan Seymour Says:

    Dear Joe,

    Thanks very much for writing.

    I have heard of agora and their sniper. A lot of hype unfortunately, without much attention paid to the work that needs to be done to create a business that will produce such results.

    I had a similar experience with Streetwise Marketing many years ago with their sports arbitrage product. However, that’s how I was introduced to sports arbitrage so they weren’t entirely useless!

    I’d recommend that you sign up for a free trial at Sports Arbitrage World – you’ll get access to a number of free courses and videos as well as their excellent software. If you follow the process, then you’ll build a firm foundation for your business and you should start seeing profits within a few weeks; first from bookmaker bonus scalping and then from actual arbitrage trading.

    All the best.
    Alan seymour

  3. Joe O'Driscoll Says:


    I dont seem to get this bookmaker binus scalping, i went onto BMR and they showed the top 10 online betting shop bonuses. I dont fully understand the benefit of this, is there anywhere i can reda up on this. I already after one weekend realise there is so mucch to read up on. In your experience would you advise reading up or dive in and learn to swim as i go?


  4. Joe O'Driscoll Says:


    Thankyou ever so much for your continued support and i have one last question for you although i cant promise i wont seek your wisdom along the way in the future.

    Do the different software packages only seek arbs from certain bookmakers, if so is it best to download the software package before i sign up to bookmakers? Also should i signup to as many bookmakers as possible? finally are there any you particular suggest? Im sorry that is a lot more than one question and i do hope i am not forcing you to give all your tips away.


    • Joe, I’m pleased to be able to answer your questions. This page is supposed to be a guide to getting started and being able to answer questions such as yours helps it to evolve and, hopefully, be more helpful to anyone else who visits.

      You’ll definitely find that different software programs scan different sets of bookmakers. Of course they usually have at least a core group in common.
      However, I don’t think that it’s a good idea to sign up indiscriminately with as many bookmakers as possible; if I were starting out now but with the experience I have, then the approach I’d take would be something along these lines:

      1. Sign up to the bookmakers that a) suit me and b) offer the best bonuses
      2. Scalp the bonuses to the fullest extent
      3. Take out free trials with a range of arb software companies
      4. Decide which one(s) suit me and then look at modifying my list of bookmakers accordingly. If I was using a bookmaker that doesn’t appear on the software’s list then I’d contact the software company and ask them to add it.

      Start out with a core group of high quality UK and Australian regulated bookmakers, you’ll find a list here..

      All the best.
      Alan seymour

  5. Joe O'Driscoll Says:


    Im back again, i have now done my reading and sourced my software etc and believe i am now ready barring maybe a week or two to gather funds and set up bank account.

    Can i set up accounts ready i do i have to scalp the bonuses immediately, what i mean is, is it worth setting up accounts with bookmakers today even though i wont start betting for say two weeks?


    • Joe, this really depends on the bookmaker. Some will require an immediate deposit in order for you to get a bonus. It’s probably better that you wait until you have enough funds in place that you will be able to make a deposit to those which require it. However, in the meantime it will be well-worth spending your time setting up your online wallet accounts at Moneybookers & Neteller. They are essential and they can take a few days to confirm.

  6. Blake Wyndlow Says:

    Hello Alan

    Fascinating reading!

    I am a Canadian and I wonder if the North American market (Vegas etc) is as open as the UK and Australian.

    Just starting to get my feet wet

    Thanks for all your invaluable information


    • Dear Blake,

      Thanks very much for writing.

      Vegas lines tend to be quite similar to each other as they use common sources. However, as a Canadian you have full access to the UK & Australian markets without the restrictions currently faced by US-residents. As far as I know, there’s nothing stopping you from setting yourself up from Canada as a full-strength trader

      All the best.

      Alan Seymour

  7. Sandy Says:

    Hello Alan

    I’m still a bit way from commencing arbitrage trading proper, currently working my way through the various bonus scalping opportunities. In preparation for moving into arbirage trading, can you give some advice on the cost associated with operating e-wallets. What level of charges (if any)relate to e-wallet deposits/withdrawals/transfers. I initially intend to commence trading with about £3,000 capital.

    • Dear Sandy,

      Thanks very much for writing.

      Fees for transactions with online wallets vary – generally all deposits to bookmakers are free. Withdrawals sometimes attract fees but bookmakers usually provide fee holidays at least once per month: if you’re organised then you should be able to minimise your transaction costs.

      All the best.

      Alan Seymour

  8. sandy Says:

    Hello Alan,

    When betting on arbs, I take it that it is best to leave out the decimals from arb calculations and bet only whole numbers. Is it also necessary to round arb bets (to the nearest £5) to avoid bookie suspicions?

  9. Dear Sandy,

    Thanks very much for writing.

    Yes, i think it’s a good idea to round up/down your bets.

    All the best.

    Alan Seymour

  10. Glen Adie Says:

    Hi Alan,
    It was only after stumbling onto your website and going through most of your material that I feel confident enough to SLOWLY give arbitrage betting a go.
    I have just requested a cancellation and refund from 100percentwinners.com after joining 3 wks ago.
    In 2004 I bought a book called The Arbitrage Handbook. I was very happy with the theory of it but battled to put it into practise (obviously manually). I don’t know when arb software first came out-maybe I’m just behind the times.
    Your absolutely honest approach is like a breath of fresh air.
    I have many questions, but here are 2. When starting out as a non gambler did you find negotiating the bookies websites like a maze. This is my biggest concern for time wastage. You mention due to bookie limiting using “other accounts”. What about IP address-is this not a give away?
    If this is a delicate subject could you reply by email. Thankyou in anticipation.

    • Dear Glen,

      Thanks very much for writing.

      Getting to know your bookmakers’ websites is a very important skill to develop early on in your trading career. Many excited novice traders neglect this & it often leads to loss-making errors. A good way to get to know the sites that you’ll be using is to restrict your first 100-200 trades to very small stakes – this way you will be trading & interacting with the sites in exactly the way you should without risking anything. By the end of that exercise you will know the sites intimately.

      If you decide to use multiple IDs you will need to use different IP addresses for each one or some bookmakers will cotton on to you.

      All the best.

      Alan Seymour

    • bab Says:

      did u get ur money back from 100 percent winners??

  11. Michael Welby Says:

    Hello Alan

    Thank you for your generosity in putting this website together and sharing your knowledge. It really is most appreciated

    Can you describe your technique for finding your own arbs please? It all seems like looking for a needle in a haystack to me!

    • Dear Michael,

      Thanks very much for writing.

      It is a little like looking for a needle in a haystack, if you have little or no previous experience. I would advise you to gain trading experience first by using a service to locate your arbs & then build upon that after some time. The key to finding manual arbs successful is understanding how bets interact so you can put together exotic combinations, and knowing where the services don’t look.

      All the best.

      Alan Seymour

  12. alan norrish Says:

    Hi Alan i noticed not many comments of late and no trading accounts just wondered if you are still arbing or any upto date reports/news/
    Regards Alan

    • Dear Alan,

      Thanks very much for writing.

      Yes, I’m still trading. I just haven’t been able to update the blog for a while. I plan to update my accounts just once each year at the end of the year.

      All the best.

      Alan Seymour

      • cavens Says:

        thanks for the response though, but not much need, i started arbiting and so far i have gained like 40 percent of my money, started with 1000 pounds, finding error is not an issue any more cos i place on low percentage, just the issue of account limitation and some stupid bookmakers rule like i deposited and the gave me bonus and forcing me to bet with it or wait for 20 dayz when it expires imagine such crap found at noxwin.
        so far so good, if all my account are not block this month, then i keep on but if they are, 400 to 500 pounds is not a bad business though it take time still.
        any advice for me and how too proceed better

  13. Billy Lyons Says:

    Hi Alan very informative ,but is there a complete video course that actually show you how to find an arb ,place the bet with the bookie and lay the bet with betfair etc.If there is i would be very grateful to know .Regards Billy

    • Dear Billy,

      Thanks very much for writing.

      I don’t know of any videos that show that process. I suppose it’s quite a hard thing to film – there isn’t much time to waste with other things when you’re trying to put a trade on.

      All the best.

      Alan Seymour

  14. Jacek Dabrowski Says:

    Hi Alan,

    Thank you so much for your superb publishing work!

    I have been in the exchange / bookies field for a while. When it comes to arbing, my main concern today is the bookies stakes limiting. I’ve read that some bookies can quiet quickly limit down to as little as £5 (even if you follow the precautions rules) You’ve mentioned it also, yet you continue to function for years.

    Would you be able to write out a list of 5 – 10 bookies that are less likely to limit a lot / quickly (and perhaps the same for baddies)

    I’ve read that the best out there for non-limiting is Pinnacle, but are they any other bookies that would be best suited for smart, gradual use of my £2k part time trading bank?

    I have bookies accounts in my name, my partner and her friend, so there’s maybe some distance to go on those?

    Thank you again,

    All the best,


    • Dear Jacek,

      Thanks very much for writing.

      Pinnacle are unusual in that they appear to have a blanket policy of not limited anyone. However, other bookmakers are less consistent. That doesn’t mean that the limit everyone automatically, it means that different customers have different experiences. I advise you to just use the bookmakers that suit you – those who are offering a good bonus, those who appear frequently with your sports arbitrage service – and move on if/when you are limited.

      All the best.

      Alan Seymour

  15. Yinka Says:

    I am really encouraged by your write-up?
    Please there is this alert service (www.arbets.com) that i have been reviewing their free arbs and so far its been ok. But i got to see bad posts on them as regards their paid arbs discrepancies. Please i would like to get an expert advice from you as regards their service as i know you might have heard or dealt with them too….

    Awaiting your sincere reply Sir. Thanks.
    Yinka – Nigeria.

    • Dear Yinka,

      Thanks very much for writing.

      There are a lot of false arbs posted by that service; one need only look at their homepage to see unrealistic examples used to dupe unsuspecting novices who automatically assume that large percentages mean large profits rather than likely errors.

      All the best.

      Alan Seymour

  16. jexps Says:

    Hello Alan

    What do you think of mathbets arb software. I am considering subscribing as i prefer the format to sports arbitrage world.

    My problem is that sometimes i see arbs on the mathbet software which doesn’t correspond with the bookies odds.I’m suspicious

    • Dear Jexps,

      Thanks very much for writing.

      Well, I think you’ve answered your own question there 🙂
      Sports arbitrage software is only going to be useful to you if it provides you with accurate data that can be traded upon.

      All the best.

      Alan Seymour

      • jexps Says:

        hello alan

        I like to arb with football alot. Is the best time for soccer arbs to show on the friday before the big football weekend?

        Do you know of any arb methods to use with betfair?

        I am currently arb trading full time, 9-3pm, using mathsbet software,proarb, and free friday sport arbitrage world. Do you get consistent arbs throughout the day if you sign up for sports arbitrage world?

        Also i do alot of matched betting, to draw out bookie bonuses. Do you know of a free spreadsheet i could get my hands on to record them?


      • Dear Jode,

        Thanks very much for writing.

        Most soccer arbs will appear on the Monday before the weekend (i.e. 5-6 days ahead of the matches) & then on the Friday as balancing trades start moving prices. You can arb using bet fair in much the same way that you do with bookmakers, except that you have the added advantage of being able to lay as well as back.

        Yes, you get arbs pretty much consistently throughout the day. You could probably make up a simple spreadsheet to record your trades, although I prefer to use a dedicated accounts program.

        All the best.

        Alan Seymour

  17. Gabriel Says:

    Hi Sir,

    Do you have any in depth advices about how to manage the capital? I want to start with 1000 units but not sure how to mange them properly.

    Best regards,

    • Dear Gabriel,

      Thanks very much for writing.

      Your questions sounds as though it is related more to a gambling strategy than a sports arbitrage trading strategy. I won’t be able to help you there as I have very little experience of gambling & gambling systems.

      All the best.

      Alan Seymour

  18. jexps Says:

    hello alan

    How do you go about finding arbs manually? do u use oddchecker to compare odds. Do you have a method for manual arbs?


    • Dear Jode,

      Thanks very much for writing.

      I use a combination of alerts from my software, to let me know when new prices have been released, and searching through sites manually for bets that I know can be combined with the new prices but which are usually ignored by most software. It’s a skill which is comes with experience.

      All the best.

      Alan Seymour

  19. Mads Says:

    How much money do i need to start with ? And how many different betting sites should i use ?.. Im only 18 so i don’t got that much money.. But how much do i need to get a bit of a profit. Also, can u make a living of it ?

    • Dear Mads,

      Thanks very much for writing.

      You could start with ¢1000 if you focus on bonus scalping. If you scalp 30-40 bonuses you should triple your capital.

      All the best.

      Alan Seymour

  20. Paul Goodhind Says:

    Alan, thanks for your very useful site, and your good natured attitude in a business which seems dominated by sharks. My question is on scalability. The return on investment that you have achieved is clearly very attractive but I guess sports arbing is limited by the ability to scale this by investing larger amounts of capital. Is the limit on scalability the liquidity of the market, or the caps placed on bet sizes by book makers? What do you think the limit on invested capital is realistically (I think you are investing c.£50,000). Also are there situations (perhaps the world cup or other major event) where markets are very liquid and book markers caps very high, allowing the amount invested to be ramped-up dramatically.
    many thanks Paul G

    • Dear Paul,

      Thanks very much for writing.

      I think that the limits placed by bookmakers are effectively the same thing as the liquidity of the market and that’s one thing that limits the scaleability of sports arbitrage trading. However, given that there are literally thousands of available trades every week, another limit of scaleability is the ability of an individual trader to place his bets. I think that a very seriously committed full-time trader could effectively work with 3 or 4 times my capital (£50k). However, if a trader were physically able to trade every arb that appears 24/7, then I expect his capital could be scaled up several hundred times.

      Certain events do lend themselves to a greater degree of trading; the World Cup, for example and most major tennis events.

      All the best.

      Alan Seymour

  21. saul Says:

    Could you please advice me on some brokers that i can open sports arbitrage accounts with.

  22. Ben Says:

    Hi Alan, I am about to be made redundant so will have the time spare for a little while. I have looked at doing arb betting but only have around £800 to start me off with although I haven’t got many bookie accounts so could build that with the remainder of those but in your honest opinion how much do you think I could realistically make each month as I may be relying on it for a month or two.


    • Dear Ben,

      Thanks very much for writing.

      I’m sorry to hear about your job situation.
      Unfortunately, £800 is not going to be enough to get involved in sports arbitrage trading in any meaningful way. It certainly won’t be profitable.

      However, if you focus your attention on bonus scalping, then you should be able to earn £1000-£2000 over the next month or so. Perhaps more, depending how well you get into it.

      Scalping is a risk-free technique and easier to get to grips with than full-on sports arbitrage trading. There’s some information about the method over here.

      All the best.

      Alan Seymour

  23. cavens Says:

    i have been searching to a place where this disadvantages is treated, void bets, this is a sure method of making money no matter how small but like every business it has it own risk, sometimes a bookmaker might should to void a bet and refund and when that happens considerable amount is lost, how can thing be tackled, did you encounter any? and how did you prevent more

    • Dear Cavens,

      Thanks very much for writing.

      Bookmakers only void bets when they have made obvious errors. You simply need to learn how to spot such errors and then refrain from betting on them.

      All the best.

      Alan Seymour

  24. cavens Says:

    great, i am so delight with the fastness in response, can you meet advice on how to detect this odd and what to do to avoid voiding your bets.

  25. kyle Says:

    Hi Alan,
    I plan on starting arbitrage betting later this year. I have a couple of questions. First, how can you generally win from a bookie before being limited? And are you better off placing smaller wagers on multiple arbs or large wagers on a couple? Thanks

  26. Hi.ive started arbing.the first glitch I guess was having placed one side of my bet then when placing my other side they capped my bet which in turn was the winning side and of course lost the bet..?
    How can we overcome this any advice would be welcomed

  27. Garry Billing Says:

    Hello Alan ,iam all set up a ready to go on my arb adventure but would ask you if placeing bets through a broker so i can use Pinnacle and Sbo is something that is legal ,i have emailed lots of arb companies but with no reply.
    Thankyou in advance

  28. Daniel Says:

    Hi Alan,

    I have learned a lot about sports arbitrage today with your website and I want to thank you for it. I do not know if you are still reading your messages but I would like to know more. Unfortunately the link you provided to get your book does not seem to work anymore, could you please tell me if your guide is still available?

    Thank you very much,


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