Scamwatch: Golden Nugget Invest Defaults

March 9, 2010

As happens with all such schemes, GNI has just issued a story to explain & justify their defaulting on all clients’ funds.

GNI Newsletter March 9th. 2010

Greetings to the Most Loyal GNI Friends, Family & Associates and; Nemesis:

As I have mentioned in the forum, I have spent the last few days in Northern Cyprus trying desperately to obtain those funds which belong to us – members and principals of

Besides myself, I have been privileged to be assisted by Counsel (one of our attorneys) to not just make a strong presence on behalf of some faceless arbitrage project; indeed, but to help me place a face on the thousands of loyal GNI Customers who have (rightfully or not) depended on our presence and weekly payments to:

1. pay the rent or mortgage,
2. pay doctor’s bills,
3. pay for a family member’s schooling,
4. retire in a manner that is consistent with the years of service provided to their employer,
5. take a well-deserved vacation with someone special or
6. have some peace of mind in these troublesome times.

Despite our best efforts, and monumental efforts were made by all concerned, we could not get the directors, regulators or oversight administrators to relent. There were several tactics employed, a couple of which were most creative, but it was of no use. We thought we may have a foot in the door, only to have it cut off. What I can say is we tried damn it….we tried our hardest; but we could not overcome this hurdle.

Without this income, we go in reverse. We have had suggestions, offers which included members giving us funds, members willing to delay the taking of payments, partial payments, the entire spectrum of suggestions; the reality is, however, these suggestions amount to a band-aid when in fact a tourniquet is called for.

I must, for the sake of the sanity of myself and my family, the GNI Team Members, the Principals and our most trusted customers, shut down effective immediately and permanently. This decision will not be reversed.

Thank you from my heart!

With kind regards,
Robert and the GNI Team


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