2011 Trading Accounts

December 15, 2011

I kept my trading capital at  GBP 50,000 in 2011,
withdrawing my profits each quarter

Q1 2011 Q2 2011 Q3 2011 Q4 2011
TRADING INCOME 24,292 27,199 22,433 22,099
ISP 60 60 60 60
ARBITRAGE SERVICES 397 397 397 397
TRANSACTION FEES 142 168 84 196
BONUSES 1400 800 1395 400
NET PROFIT 24,992 27,323 23,359 21,937
HOURS WORKED 355 361 360 341
EFFECTIVE HOURLY WAGE 68.43 75.34 62.31 64.81
NUMBER OF ARBS 652 644 656 641
AVERAGE PERCENTAGE 4.18 4.62 3.79 3.70
ROI FOR QUARTER 48.58 54.40 44.87 44.20
ROI FOR MONTH 16.19 18.13 14.96 14.73
ARBS FOUND MYSELF 9297 11340 11911 8211
SPORTS ARBITRAGE WORLD 14995 15859 10522 13888

11 Responses to “2011 Trading Accounts”

  1. Jon Says:

    That is great Alan. I have been trying to reach you for over 3 months. You have my skype and email. Can we converse?

    • Dear Jon,

      Thanks very much for writing.

      I’m sorry I’ve not replied for so long, I have not logged into any of my social sites in a few months, but I’m back now. How can I help you?

      All the best.

      Alan Seymour

  2. Eric Knowles Says:

    Dear Alan

    In looking through your accounts, I can’t help wondering how you seem have managed to avoid bookies who refuse to pay out/freeze accounts and the like. Whilst I’ve not had an acute case as yet, I have had plenty of determined slow payers and poor customer service (where the bookies are clearly delaying deliberately), and fear that an outright refusal (based no doubt on their Ts & Cs which forbid arbers) could be round the corner. SBR is full of pretty frightening cases.

    My question therefore is whether you take any precautionary steps to avoid this? Obviously I’m already doing the usual actions that you have recommended to protect bookie accounts. But is that enough? My thoughts had originally been to stick just to SBR A/B rated books. Problem with that is that they’re aren’t that many of them around and if you do that there aren’t many trades coming up on Sports Arbitrage World/other services.

    Perhaps you’d let me have your thoughts.


    Eric Knowles

    • Dear Eric,

      Thanks very much for writing.

      I’ve not completely avoided bookmakers with poor customer service! There have been some slow payers over the years but the only time I actually lost money in this way was almost 10 years ago when an Irish operation called Luvbet went bust.

      Slow payers tend to pay eventually and poor cutover service is just something to take in one’s stride. When you make unexpected gains from bonuses and/or accidents then you should put some of the windfall into a ‘reserve’ account which will help to cover losses you suffer over the course of trading, whether they are the results of errors or bookmaker payment problems.

      All the best.

      Alan Seymour

  3. Jon Says:

    Cannot reach you. Please send me your email and Skype info at drjon1111@gmail. I have some interesting ideas for you for your programs. You will be able to help others and also benefit yourself!
    PS I could not get back to you since you communicated with me on December 15th; sorry.

  4. […] checking out the experiences of a chap who claims to be a successful, professional trader: Alan Seymour’s Sports Arbitrage Review. Alan has apparently been arbitraging since 2002 and in his blog he describes his experiences both […]

  5. eraldo Says:

    i want to know if its possible to arbitrage with systems , for example 3|5????

    • Dear Eraldo,

      Thanks very much for writing.

      It’s possible to construct some fairly complex trades, but I would suggest that you start with the simplest and grow from there.

      All the best.

      Alan Seymour

  6. Andy Says:

    Hello. It’s Sept 17, 2015, I have 5k to invest before bonus scalping, Can I operate a sports arbitrage profitably if I am in the USA due to the amount of bookies available? If so, how many bookies would allow me to sign up since I live in the USA? Lastly, when I decide to join your service, would you be able to break down the exact USA friendly bookies for me? Thank you, Andy

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