2010 Trading Accounts

December 28, 2010

I kept my trading capital at  GBP 50,000 in 2010,
withdrawing my profits each quarter

Q1 2010 Q2 2010 Q3 2010 Q4 2010
TRADING INCOME 23,107 25,418 22,109 21,504
ISP 60 60 60 60
ARBITRAGE SERVICES 397 397 397 397
TRANSACTION FEES 109 117 116 102
BONUSES 1250 950 1495 350
NET PROFIT 23,717 25,855 22,966 21,270
HOURS WORKED 359 355 349 344
EFFECTIVE HOURLY WAGE 64.36 71.60 63.35 62.51
NUMBER OF ARBS 646 638 642 631
AVERAGE PERCENTAGE 3.67 3.94 3.45 3.42
ROI FOR QUARTER 46.21 80.84 44.22 43.01
ROI FOR MONTH 15.40 16.95 14.74 14.34
ARBS FOUND MYSELF 9275 10681 10445 9740
SPORTS ARBITRAGE WORLD 13832 14737 11664 11764
My trading has stepped up a level or two this year as I have now started using cross market trades via Sports Arbitrage World. My profits this year were also given a massive boost by the World Cup bonanza!!

12 Responses to “2010 Trading Accounts”

  1. alan norrish Says:

    Hi Alan im just curious i know you reccomend sports arbitrage world very highly but you have also arbs found yourself which is quite impressive how do you you manage that because even though i have found arbs myself its taken far too long to be worth it. Alan Norrish

  2. Dear Alan,

    Thanks very much for writing.

    It’s very much a matter of experience gained from years of trading.

    All the best.

    Alan Seymour

  3. Pierre Deneud Says:

    Hi Alan

    I am very impressed by your results. I just started arbing with a 40’000 euros bankroll, using Rebelbetting and Sports Arbitrage World services and 15 bookies, but I can not make more than 100 euros a day, which is very low.
    I have several questions:
    1. how many bookies do you use and which one are they?
    2. which arbing services do you use to manage to play so many arbs?
    3. how can you bet more than 900 GBP on average for your arbs? Most of the bookies I use tend to limit stakes to 200-300 euros 😦 Are there some bookies which don’t limit so much?
    4. I got limited very quickly by StanJames and B365 (to 10 euros stakes), which is a pitty because they are involved in many arbs found by Rebelbetting. How did you do to arb for so long without being limited by the main bookies? Did you use several accounts over the years?
    5. Until now 90% of my arbs concern football. How do you do in summer time or winter break, when there aren’t many football games?

    This is a lot of questions actually.
    It would be really great if you can advice me. I found bits of information on your blog but no information as detailed as the one I am looking for.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    Best Regards

    Pierre Deneud

    • Dear Pierre,

      Thanks very much for writing.

      15 bookies is a very small number & I think that you’re actually doing well to be making €100/day that way!

      1. The number of bookies I use actively varies between 70-90 depending on circumstances. I’m not going to list them here – I think it will be easy fro you to increase your portfolio just by adding more bookies that are scanned by the services you use.
      2. I use my own software plus the TraderZone.
      3. A large number of my arbs these days are in soccer. When you’ve got 3 or more bets to cover, then the total amount staked increases accordingly.
      4. I do use several accounts but there’s very little you can do about bookies like Stan James & B365. You’ll have to start looking further afield than the bookies offered by rebel betting if you want to make good use of your capital
      5. There are many profitable golf, tennis and other events that take place when soccer is not happening.

      All the best.

      Alan Seymour

  4. Lee Says:

    Hi Alan,

    Im new to Arb tradin but have been trading forex for 4 years now successfully. i have 2 questions.

    1. How do you place Arb of around £1000. most bookies limits are well below that. most ive be able to place is around £450 total.

    2. you net profit for 2010 Q1 was 23K how many Arbs where placed to acheive a similar result.

    Im just trying to get a feel for things.


    • Dear Lee,

      Thanks very much for writing.

      It’s hard to place as much as £1000 on arbs consistently. It can be done more easily with soccer arbs where there are 3 bets to cover, but even then it’s a stretch to do so consistently. More of a marketing number used by some arb services to push their product than a realistic expectation.

      You can see exactly how many arbs I place by looking at my accounts table. The information is all there 🙂

      All the best.

      Alan Seymour

  5. Grega Says:

    Hello Alan.

    I wonder how do you manually search for Arbs? Do you use any odd sites to compare odds? What kind of arbs do you look for?

    • Dear Grega,

      Thanks very much for writing.

      Manual searching is just that – trawling through sites to make comparisons. The key is to look in areas that software services don’t 😉

      All the best.

      Alan Seymour

  6. semola Says:

    pls l will like to confirm if it is possible for me to start with 2000 on a bet with arbitrage in stead of 1000 on a bet,will l still be limited with stake limit

    • Dear Semola,

      Thanks very much for writing.

      You could start with £1000 but I don’t think you’ll get far. Your best course of action would probably be to use the capital to scalp bookmaker bonuses. That will increase your capital for trading later on.

      All the best.

      Alan Seymour

  7. alan norrish Says:

    Hi Alan, i am ready to join arb alarm with sports arbitrage world and buy the package but there communication is not very good ive had a few problems with the programme and no one ever answers the phone or they reply to emails days later i just wondered if you had any problems with them or is it just a case of get stuck in and do your best.I am a bit frustrated with them because the package looks great but does anyone work there they do say they have 24/7 support.Any thoughts? Thanks Alan

    • Dear Alan,

      Thanks very much for writing.

      I haven’t had cause to contact them in a while but their customer support response times were always very impressive. I’d ping them again if I were you.

      All the best.

      Alan Seymour

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